Top-Notch Grooming at Upper East Side Barbershop

Hot Towel Shaves for Men with Beards: How to Get a Perfectly Shaved Neckline

The classic barbershop experience has always included a sense of community. In the 1970s and ‘80s, big chains started to take over the scene, shaking up the old barbershops that had become stagnant and out of touch. However, the newer American-style salons didn’t resonate with all men. Within a decade or two, the local barbershops were once again on the upswing.

A good-quality haircut is only the beginning. A barber who doesn’t listen won’t be around for very long! At our Upper East Side barbershop, we’re all about prioritizing your individual needs and personal style. We’re known for our top-notch client experience, and our experienced team of talented barbers is standing by to advise you and bring your vision to life.

Services Offered at Local Barbershop

Before you start googling all the barbershops open near you, you need to have a good idea of what services you need. Your local barbershop should be able to meet all your hair and beard needs – and do it all well. Whether it’s a trim, a fade, or a hot towel shave, each technique requires a special set of skills that not every barber has. 

At the Great Style Barbershop, we offer a variety of cuts, from the classic standards to the latest trends. No matter if your hair is short or long, curly or straight, our team will help you get the look you want. A good haircut is essential to any look, whether you’re a stylish trendsetter or more shake-and-go. When your hair looks good, you feel good, and you can stand tall wherever life takes you. 

And the same goes for your beard. From a trim to shaping to the Royal Shave experience, we’ll finesse your facial hair. A smooth shave or a sleek hipster beard – no matter your preference, we’ll make it happen. There are extra benefits to choosing a barbershop shave rather than doing it yourself – for one thing, you’ll avoid skin irritation, cuts, and razor burns. If maintaining a luxuriant beard is your thing, we can advise you on the right products to keep it looking great between appointments.

Straight Razor Shave Techniques: How Our Barbers Get the Perfect Shave

Luxurious Hot Towel Shave Experience

A barbershop shave can be quicker than shaving at home, but sometimes you want more. For those moments when you want to take a little extra care of yourself, dare we say even a little pampered, then the Royal Shave is for you. The hot towel shave hearkens back to the first heyday of the barbershop, adding a touch of luxury to your grooming routine. Combining it with a professional wash and cut amplifies the experience, leaving you feeling pampered and polished.

Step into our barbershop on the Upper East Side and let us take care of you. In addition to being relaxing, a hot towel shave promotes better circulation and better, less coarse hair growth. The gentle heat of the towel helps to open the pores on your face and wash away dead skin, extra oil, and dirt. Combined with the skilled use of a straight razor, it also helps achieve a smoother shave – so you feel good and look sharp, too.

Upper East Side Barbershop: Your Needs Are Our Priority

If you’re on the Upper East Side, we have good news – one of the best barbershops in New York is right nearby! The Great Style Barbershop is your go-to for great cuts and superior shaves, open for walk-ins and appointments. Every person who comes through our door gets personalized service, ensuring you’re satisfied with your look and leave feeling great about your hair and beard. Everything from the cut to the choice of products we use caters to your individual needs. 

So next time you want to change up your style, keep your look fresh, or just treat yourself, head our way! Give us a call, book your seat, and get comfy as you get your latest cut.