Eastside Barbers: Your Go-To for Fresh Haircuts

Stretching from the East Village to East Harlem, the East Side of New York is about as diverse a stretch of city as you’ll find anywhere. This is also reflected in its barbershops. In the east of Manhattan, the barbers are at the top of their game and ready to revolutionize your look. There’s also great skill with the classics, so if all you want is a trim or touch-up, they can help you with that, too.

East Side barbershops offer a top-notch experience, personalized service, and the freshest cuts. The bustling energy of the East Side is practically palpable, creating the perfect breeding ground for creativity, passion, and mastery. That’s why these barbershops are genuinely a cut above the rest. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, you’re sure to find not just a cut or shave, but a barbershop community for life.

Therapeutic Benefits of Grooming 

When you’re looking good, you feel good too. You stand a little taller and catch a little extra confidence. There’s more to it than that, though. Carving out time for regular grooming is a great way to give yourself a break from the unending rush and stress of everyday life. When you take your seat in a barber’s chair, whether for a simple haircut or detailed beard grooming, you can let go and relax.

East Side barbers do more than cut hair – they create a full, relaxing barbershop experience for you. You’re welcomed into a space where your needs are prioritized, and there’s nothing to do except be still and chill out while your barber works their magic. New York barbershops are deeply committed to old-fashioned service and modern excellence, so feel free to take a load off with us.

Trendsetting Haircuts & Styles Offered by Eastside Barbers

If you’re looking for more than a short-back-and-sides, you’ve come to the right place. Our East Side barbershop team can help you decide which trends will work best for you and then execute the perfect undercut, fade, or horsetail.

The undercut is an edgy trend combining longer hair on top with a buzz cut, close crop, or even shave on the back and sides. For those with very long hair or dreadlocks, an undercut can help keep you cool without compromising the length. It can also give your look some rugged Viking energy. As polarizing as the man bun has been, it’s a classic way to wear this kind of undercut, emphasizing the contrast between the long and short sections of hair. This style can make a statement for all hair types, curly or straight.

The fade is a type of undercut with a gradual shift from longer to shorter hair, creating a smooth transition. You can maintain the length on top and crisp, short sides without going quite as bold as a full undercut. A good fade will give you an almost ombre effect, moving from the darker, thicker hair to the lighter, finer cut, ultimately fading into the skin. Talk to your barber about what type of fade will look best on you.

The 2023 take on the horsetail is where the mullet, ponytail, and mohawk meet. A kind of fauxhawk, this style highlights the longer top and back with a fade or undercut on the sides. It’s a little grungy, a little punk rock, and very trendy right now. This style works better for some hair types than others and can be modified to be more or less extreme according to your preferences.

Naturally, any East Side barbershop worth its salt can also deliver on the enduring classics like the crew cut or bowl cut.

Embracing Texture & Curls for Authenticity

There’s no reason to think you have to have a certain type of hair to pull off a fresh, trendy look. Curly or textured hair can sometimes feel like a challenge, but with the right barber on your side, you can rock a natural look with flair. The right Eastside barber can take care of everything from loose waves to tight coils. As we said before, when you look good, you feel good – and everyone deserves to have that feeling when showing their authentic self.

Whatever look you’re seeking, you’ll find it at the Great Style Barbershop on the East Side. Book an appointment or just walk in, and we’ll help you nail your next great style.